Roundtable Discussion with Congressman Chris Murphy

Members of the boards of the Avon, Farmington and Simsbury Land Trusts, along with town officials and concerned citizens, met with Congressman Chris Murphy, on Saturday, January 12th at the Avon Senior Center to discuss Land Conservation in the 5th district. The meeting was arranged by Chris Graesser of the Avon Land Trust and Barbara Zuras, of the Avon Board of Education. Mr. Murphy, who recently took over leadership of the Land Conservation Caucus in Washington, displayed a strong grasp of the case for conserving land and the myriad challenges that accompany it. He was also quick to remark that preserving open space ~ whether to save farms, create recreation opportunities, preserve views, protect wildlife or increase property values ~ is a priority that enjoys bipartisan support.

Sincerely committed to helping his 5th District constituents preserve open space, Mr. Murphy encouraged those in the audience to consider him, and his office, a resource in the fight for advocacy, information and funding.

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